Mind the gap. The deadening space in-between where dreams go to hibernate and… die, silently.

Springboard is the bridge, where dreamers can catapult into their dream come true.

What if dreams were 1 encouragement away from coming into fruition?

Welcome to the platform. Connect with like-minded entrepreneur-to-bes, mentors to glean from, and educational material to absorb.  

USER research

People have brilliant ideas about how to make the world a better place. Solving issues, protecting the vulnerable, and benefitting society at large.

The only thing holding them back is not knowing where to start, who to talk to, or how to do it.

There’s a disconnect between empathy and action

Lots of ideas for social enterprises, but not enough know-how to birth them. 

People feel disqualified and ill-equipped to start social enterprises.

I conducted user interviews to explore the motivations, needs, and frustrations of both ends of the spectrum: people with dreams to start social enterprises, and those who are already in business. 

  1. People have great causes they want to fight for, but are overwhelmed by the thought of starting or running a business.
  2. When starting out, many don’t have access to resources or real-life mentors.
  3. They feel disqualified without proper training. 
  4. Conversations and collaboration with fellow entrepreneurs and mentors are crucial.


Encourage, equip, empower

What if people were 1 encouragement away from dismantling the lie that they weren’t enough to bring the change they want to see in the world? 

I set out to inspire people to dream big & believe that they can make those dreams a reality.

How might we inspire people to believe that they can start their brilliant ideas?

Not later, not after building accolades, but right here, right now.




Create and foster a community 

Established social entrepreneurs highlighted an essential tool they wish they had while starting out: interaction with business owners who were steps ahead of them.

The good news? Social enterprise is not a novel field; many heroes have blazed the trail already. 

Springboard provides a connection point for dreamers and forerunners.

The successful can participate in one of the most fulfilling parts of life: giving. 

Experienced sherpas, meet your new climbers.