QuickBooks Workflows
Visual Builder

Automating accounting processes made visually sound

content designer

Product design: Yash Gholap PM: Swapnil Mundada, Rishabh Surana
Engineering: Nivedita Nayak, Harsh Madhogaria, Sandeep Gupta, Santosh Katta, Shyam Tripathy, Rohit Kumar
Analytics: Eric Ayala 
Product Marketing: Elisa Stern

The sitch
Workflows, a tool that lets you automate actions in QuickBooks, hit a wall. Great reception, but 2 years post-launch, user needs evolved. 

Time for a revamp.


The final product

I got to work closely with the talented Principal Product Designer Yash Gholap to create a seamless experience.


TL;WR (too long; won’t read)

Welcome to a speedy recap of our design process.

A detailed context galore is available in interview rooms.

State of things in the wonderful world of workflows

Goals of this redesign 


A place to share the goods

Scorecard metrics

  • 1,200+ customers have created multi-conditional workflows since the launch of visual builder.

  • Most of the customers have 4 approval nodes enabled, with a max of 24. 

  • It takes around 5 minutes on average to create approval workflows, giving us a usability score of 6.1 out of 7.

  • On average, visual builder helps save a company around 1 hour each day.